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Arborist Disclosure Statement

Arborist are tree specialists who use their education, knowledge, training and experience to examine trees, recommend measures to enhance the beauty and health of trees, and attempt to reduce the risk of living near trees. Clients may choose to accept or disregard the recommendations of the arborist, or seek additional advice.
Arborist cannot detect every condition that could possibly lead to the structural failure of a tree. Trees are living organisms that fail in ways we do not fully understand. Conditions are often hidden within trees and below ground. Arborist cannot guarantee that a tree will be healthy or safe under all circumstances, or for a specified period of time. Likewise, remedial treatments, like medicine, cannot guarantee.
Treatment, root cutting, pruning and removal of trees may involve considerations
beyond the scope of the arborist’s services such as property boundaries, property ownership, site lines, disputes between neighbors, landlord-tenant matters, etc. Arborists cannot take such issues into account unless complete and accurate information is given to the arborist. The person hiring the arborist accepts full responsibility for authorizing the recommended treatment or remedial measures.
Trees can be managed, but they cannot be controlled. To live near a tree is to accept some degree of risk. There is no practical way to eliminate all risk with trees.

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What is a Certified Arborist?
Certification is a standard for Arborists internationally and is administrated by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Is my tree safe?
Trees are essential to the ecosystem and add value to any property. However, trees can become liabilities if they fall and injure people or damage property. Proper maintenance will help identify when a tree becomes dangerous. Evaluating the seriousness of a trees condition is best done by a professional ISA Certified Arborist.
What should I do if I think my tree has an insect and/or disease problems?
As soon as you notice any abnormality in your tree’s appearance, you should begin a careful examination of the problem. Insects and diseases can threaten a tree’s health. Contact us for diagnosis, treatment, or for more information.
Do you follow any privacy policy?
Yes. We respect your privacy, and that very much includes your personal details. Please read our Privacy Policy page for more information.

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