Career Opportunities

We are always looking to recruit new employees.
• Must possess a valid driver’s license
• Must be over 18 years of age
• Must be able to lift heavy objects

Arborist/Crew Leader

Lift operator, climber, setup and on-site logistics, chainsaw operator, chipper operator, completion of daily work orders, supervision of ground crew and maintenance on trucks.

C & A Arborists, Inc.

Tree Care Professionals

Trained, Educated, Up to Date, Environmentally Friendly

Ground Crew Team Member

Chipper operator, job cleaning, brush logistics, chainsaw cleaning, set up and breakdown of tools and equipment on site, tool organization.(All other responsibilities of those who look to you for guidance)

Current Positions Open:

​23 Years of Experience
Fully Insured
ISA Certified Arborist on Staff

General Mechanic Team Member

Looking for a general mechanic able to perform maintenance and repairs on everything from hand tools to heavy equipment.


Becoming a tree care professional is now an apprentice option. It is considered a skilled position for which there is currently an apprentice program being set up. Continuing Education is very important to us. We attend several conferences and workshops each year to ensure we are current on updates and safe practices in the tree care industry. This includes continuing education, learning new pruning standards, research in pest and diagnostics, and safety and professionalism. Most conferences sponsor an exhibit featuring the latest and greatest tools, materials and services also.
Examples of Certifiable positions through ISA and TCIA
• Chainsaw Specialist
• Tree Care Safety Professional
• Electrical Hazardous Awareness Professional
• Aerial Rescue
• Chipper Operator Specialist
• Ground Operation Specialist
• Plant Health Care Technician
• Aerial Lift Specialist
• Tree Climber Specialist
• Arborist
• Master Arborist

Please submit applications to Jamie Donkersloot at or call 269-756-2571.

C & A Arborists, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.